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Among crossdressers, many engage in some amount of homosexual croszdresser however, the issue for this discussion is the percentage of crossdressers that do, and how that compares with the percentage of non-crossdressers that do. It appears that homosexual behavior is a normal human activity. My extended family aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

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Such behavior is common and widely accepted among women, non-crossdressing men, and transgender persons. This term is used, particularly in research, to describe actual sexual behavior rather than a sexual self-identity. Self-labeling correlates only weakly with actual behavior in a culture where homosexuality often has been disapproved. Likewise, WSW is a mnemonic for women who have sex with women. Again, this term is used to describe actual sexual behavior rather than a sexual self-identity. Crossdressers who have sex with men need to take precautions against getting sexually transmitted diseases.

If we were to play down the prevalence of homosexual feelings in the general population, while being more accurate about the prevalence of such feelings in the CDing subpopulation, we could easily arrive at an invalid conclusion. Ideally, we need to establish a baseline for considering the sexual orientations of CDs. What is the true prevalence of homosexual inclinations in the general human population? Most Discussions of Sexual Orientation Are Inadequate The most widely accepted theorizing within psychology on the prevalence of homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual attraction measured by changes in blood flow in response to sexual stimuli says essentially that the distribution is discribed by a bell-curve.

Some people may be at the heterosexual extreme; and some people may be at the homosexual extreme. Most people, however, fall somewhere between the two extremes. I can recognize in myself some sexual attraction to women and some sexual attraction to men. Dividing people into three categories — homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual — is not entirely satisfactory. Effeminate In terms of physical response patterns blood flow changesmost people, women and men, are bisexual. They feel some attraction to both men and women. Considering that bisexuality at the level of sexual behavior is highly stigmatized in US culture, we should expect that most persons who are bisexual at the level of sexual attraction will behave as if they were purely heterosexual.

And most will self-identify as purely hetersexual. Social pressures create disjunctures between attraction, actual behavior, and verbal self-labeling. To give one quick example, both actual behavior and verbal self-labeling differ somewhat between Thailand and the United States. That reflects differences in transgender subcultures between Thailand and the United States. Katoey in Thailand Thai: Many katoey are highly intelligent and talented in various areas. They go out in public with little concern, which makes them quite visible to other women and men. If I wear a dress and pink high heel shoes, then I could reasonably be called effeminate.

Crossdressers of the transgender sort are effemiate! Whether they also are gay is less certain. Throughout the twenty-first century, the percentages of women, non-crossdressing men, and crossdressers who engage in some amount of homosexual behavior have steadily increased. At the same time, though, there are many married men who crossdress and are strictly heterosexual. When the dust finally settles, there probably will be a notable mix of sexual orientations. Effeminate gay men surely are not going to go away. Other countries than the United States show the resiliency of combinations of gender identity and sexual orientation.

As one example, consider the Philippines: Miss Gay Manila Candidates These 25 candidates happen to be transgender women who self-identify as bisexual or homosexual In order to qualify as a contestant, a person must fulfill these seven requirements: Others might prefer a more stringent or a less stringent definition; but the important point is that we must have a clear definition, so that readers can know what we are talking about.

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That sample would then become the respondents to the questions in our survey. Most research on crossdressing does not meet such requirements, and thus their findings must be interpreted very cautiously. Gay crossdressers are easy to find, because they frequent gay bars and the like. Heterosexual crossdressers tend to keep themselves well-hidden. For comparison purposes, what percent of US college students engage in homosexual sex? According to a recent survey done at Brown University, about 12 percent of college students self-identify as bisexual or homosexual; and the percentage who sometimes have homosexual relations is approximately double the percent who self-identify as bisexual or homosexual.

Many people enjoy sex with persons of Women w crossdresser pornography own sex, yet they still self-identify as straight. It is questionable whether we can accurately compare crossdressers with typical college students. The Brown University researchers undoubtedly met high research standards, whereas research on crossdressing typically does not. What we need is a truly representative sample of crossdressers; but finding one is easier said than done. But if we could compare the sexual orientations of crossdressers and non-crossdressers — we may be able to do that some day — we could test hyphotheses about the differences, or lack-thereof, of CDs and non-CDs.

The most widely used hypothesis testing framework can be expressed as follows: There are statistical procedures for deciding which hypothesis is the most tenable. However, those procedures assume that we could get random samples, which is the biggest obstacle currently facing researchers. At this point, I would not want to be more precise. Consult Reliable Sources For anyone to whom issues of gender identity or sexuality are important, I urge you to consult reliable sources rather than sources with rigid ideologies and vested interests in one answer or another. The American Psychological Association has no ideological stance on male-to-female crossdressing or on sexual orientation; however, it does have a commitment to sound research and counseling based on sound research.

The APA website includes discussions of various topics pertinent to the issues raised here. The most important point for this discussion is simply that transgender persons are a very diverse collection of individuals who defy any simple stereotype. Some approximate the stereotype of effeminate gay men, but a large number approximate in their everyday lives, at least the stereotype of a small business owner, a truck driver, or a high school football coach. The addictions become so consuming that we waste hours of our lives every day.

They are harmful compulsions that cause us to take risks jeopardizing relationships or jobs. They can become more important than certain relationships or jobs in our mind. They can suck hours out of our day. Victor Cline, clinical psychologist at the University of Utah, said that pornography is the gateway drug to sexual addiction. In my experience, crossdressing functions this way too, and it has for many people I have read about. Human memory is formed in part by the release of the chemical epinephrine which, upon emotional arousal, leaves behind an imprint on the brain. I would argue that crossdressing for sexual or emotional arousal does the same thing.

Pornography and crossdressing both objectify women. Now in the case of pornography there is an important difference. But there is a similar objectification of women that takes place. The porn addict becomes infatuated with the ideal female body. He finds sexual pleasure in the body alone or rather images of the body alone aside from an actual female person. The crossdresser does something similar. We become so infatuated with the female body that we are not content with trying to find an actual woman to know and love, but we instead create our own. Even the boys that crossdress one time on a dare or for Halloween, the first thing they do is to go to sexual poses. They twist their hips, or thrust out their fake boobs, and make kissy faces.

They walk like female supermodels. Why the overly sexual poses? My point is that the abuse did NOT cause them. If anything, the Womem let them try something that they had pornigraphy predisposition to earlier. The father pprnography the child who can swim in the deep end of the pool is an example of this. Pprnography who never suffered abuse also struggle where did pornograpuy urges come from. That was the point of the whole post; your abuse pornographg not make you gay or bi, those are natural options, as is straight. If anything this validates the opposite, your Women w crossdresser pornography is making you question and Womfn a natural option and possibly your own personal preference.

My abuse was not in a sexual context, it was in a medical setting. Because I was held down and my bodily integrity was violated, it was abuse. Because I was undressed and it involved my genitals, it was abuse. That is my point also, although my abuse was not overtly sexualI myself have had the same issues accepting who I am. I never directly attributed it to my abuse. Once I realized that bisexuality is a normal human state, I accepted who I was. There is a bad joke among physicians and lawyers who defend physicians criminally; "As long as nobody orgasms, it is not sexual assault. The truth is we are a combination of biology and sociology in our choices.

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