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Soon it was two and then three. The more stores did it, the more I was getting lost in my own desires and I soon had my arse pointing upwards. Pressing her fingers against my prostate she flicked them rhythmically against it until I was cumming in a way I didn't know possible.

Stories porn surprise Tranny

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Damn was it big. My screams into the pillow soon turned into moans of pleasure. Lost in the decadent pleasure of this shemale's cock as it sent ripples and vibrations through my body. I was soon slamming back to meet her thrusts and as soon as I thought I'd got the measure of her, she would change up a gear. She pulled out and I mewled like a kitten, empty and in need of her milk. The emptiness didn't last long and her fingers were soon stretching me wider than before, until she had her cock inside me and three fingers. It was like starting over again; that stretching feeling of confusion — was it pain or pleasure. It must have been pleasure as I didn't try and stop it and let her have her way with me.

Hell, I'd been a submissive bottom without even Trranny it. She knew I wanted it. In staggered breaths I said, etories Jess. I want your cum. A glorious shiny cock was before my face, her hand wanking it slowly, peeling the foreskin back of her angry glans. She gazed on him for a few seconds, then smiled and replied: I was wondering what you are doing here alone when you could have any guy you wanted? Where do you mean we should go?

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John nodded in excitement. He looked in her eyes: No, she meant serious… That was the moment he had been waiting for his whole night. He never told anyone he was still a virgin and he knew he was about to loose it. John watched as she unlocked the door. Eva told him to come in. Behind him Eva locked the door. She grabbed him and started kissing sticking her tongue in his mouth. He kissed her as well and in a few minutes Eva threw him onto the bed that was standing in the middle of the vast room. She crawled on top of him. John felt himself getting hard.

Eva started pulling his shirt off as she kissed him on the lips.

Eva threw his shirt to the side and took up removing his pants kissing and licking his chest at the same time. She reached down his tasty cock and started sucking on it vehemently. John had never felt this feeling before and it felt so fucking good. I took a shower than poured a few more drinks and waited. I was in a very nice hotel so I left the door cracked and went to bed. When she went to knock the door just opened. She turned the light on in the bathroom then turned on a dim light in the room said her hello's than excused herself to the bathroom to change.

Shortly she came out and came to the bed to show me her sexy lingerie displaying white lace, turning around showing off her cute little butt with a g-string. She stripped off my underwear and had me roll to my stomach. Starting with my feet she proceeded to give me a very slow methodical massage paying very special attention to my ass. With her lotion covered fingers I could feel two fingers being inserted causing my back to arch with extreme excitement. She then had me roll over and she was quite beautiful. She apologized for being late and said she would make up for that. Once again she started with my feet and slowly touching and massaging my front though just barely bumping my now hard and pulsating 8" cock.

While now straddling me she worked her way to my mouth giving the most passionate kiss. Once again she slowly worked her way back down giving me this time a tongue massage. Now she stopped at my cock and licked my balls putting one at a time in her mouth then moving to my throbbing penis that she carefully played until I was on the brink of an explosion. While sitting straddled on my stomach I removed the top of her lacy white lingerie exposing her perky breasts I went straight for.

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