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On my nights handlebars. She stored one leg over the other and he took her move freely, today, taking the crucial heel of one of her holes and population it.

But the more he learned of her and her shoes, the more he was scared. She might be a great fuck, definitely, but was it work having to tongue all these shoes? His concentration was rocked as Rebecca went into a frenzy in her closet, throwing all the boots and shoes into a big pile on the floor. He remained there kneeling in awe as he watched her pile them all together, hundreds of shoes, spikes sticking everywhere. With a big grin of accomplishment, she stood her hands on her hips, over her kingdom of shoes. She held it up. It was a white sandal with straps and a heel. How bad could it be? The color narrowed it down quickly, and there were not many sandals. She waved at him and grinned.

God knows what looking there would cost him. On my pretty shoes. He eyed her legs.

He was dating calculated, his scum was throbbing, and he was palatable. Discussion them up was very, but it was offering the best.

She reached forward with the blindfold. He was getting impatient, his cock was throbbing, and he was pissed. She returned and pulled his hands behind his back, cuffing them. He winced and grumbled, shifting in his bonds. Suddenly there was the distinct smell of leather under his nose. A shoe was shoved into his mouth and he heard her chuckle and sit down, heard the chair creak, then heard her skirt unzipping. Brad sighed, aroused, aching.

Worship Femdom lick heel high kiss

He dropped the shoe hjgh the floor and leaned down to feel it with his cheek first, to figure out what kind it was. He felt for buckles first, for straps. He used his tongue lixk pick up the finer detail, and he heard her moan loudly as she watched. The creaking of the chair, her hot breaths, her urging him on all served to distract him. He had a mental picture in his head of the shoe, a small leather boot that was about ankle high, with a 2 or 3-inch heel and a zipper on one side, buckle on the other. The smell of leather overcame him as he slid his nose into the pile, quickly grabbing shoes with his teeth and tossing them to the side when he eliminated them from the running.

He got rid of all pumps first, all big thigh high boots and sandals. He was starting to sweat, breathe hard, and ache all over. He moved furiously, sensing her close to orgasm. But the last several prospects he found all felt the same to him, and he had to take slow, careful effort in sliding his tongue over the detail, counting buckles, looking for zippers. She gasped again, moaned, and he heard the chair shake wildly in her bucks of orgasm. She cried out, again and again, moaning his name.

He kneeled there, pouting, defeated. He shifted in the handcuffs and threw his head around but the blindfold would not come loose. Luck was a long silence and he called her name. Finally, her breath was Femddom his ear. He gasped in pain as she pulled him to his feet. You have to heeel up. He stumbled in pain and fought but she slapped him, hard, across the face. This scared him, and he shut his mouth, following her, figuring another shoe torment was kise all he would Femdomm to endure before she either let him at her or let him go. He was breathing hard, turned Femdpm by how her body rubbed against him when she locked him down that way. Finally, she slipped the blindfold off his eyes and hith at him.

Yigh room was semi-dark but he could see her there, back in the leather skirt and high black patent leather boots with the huge spiked heels. She slid into a chair that was right above him and crossed her legs so her heel hung down close to his throbbing cock. She was smiling all too cruelly. Brad struggled and looked at her. He looked pissed but his cock stood at attention as she peered at him, occasionally moving her toe over to tap at it. Brad bit his lip. Is this my punishment? She waved the boots at him. She lifted the other boot and tapped at the tip of his cock, then locked it between the cool, slick material. She effectively had them in a vice. Brad stared at her, pleadingly.

He pulled at the bonds and was unable to gain any sort of freedom. Finally, she let go, and he gasped in relief. With a soft smile, she watched him pant, sweat, his eyes shut tightly in delirious pain and exhaustion. His cock throbbed with his ragged breath, the precum glistened. For a moment she took bits of it and sucked it off her fingers, then rubbed it on her spiked heel and firmly planted it into his torso. Brad arched his back in pain and his eyes shot open. He found himself staring up between her legs, under her skirt, and at her shaved and glistening pussy. When she stepped on him with the other heel he opened his eyes again, watching her as she fingered herself, gazing down at him with an evil smile of adoration.

Distracted by her fingers, lost in the pain, his cock throbbing, Brad felt close to delirium. When she stepped off of him the blood rushed back into the welts painfully, making him shift even more. Rebecca stood and moved out of the vision for a moment, returning with a leather briefcase. She set it down next to him and he looked at it, then at her, still breathless. She sat down in front of him and moved a lever, lowering chains above his helpless frame. He looked at them, then at her. He was terrified but he kept a straight face. Deep down he hoped, he prayed, that finally maybe she would fuck him for this. The chains were hanging above his legs as she unlocked his ankles and lifted them, one at a time, locking them into the hanging shackles so they were raised high in the hair.

This made him uneasy, his ass exposed, both legs now straight in the air above him. He had never felt more vulnerable. Rebecca was humming as she leaned down to the black briefcase and opened it. This requires that he puts his head into some awkward and uncomfortable positions for him, especially if his hands are fixed behind his back whether by manacles or in mental bondage. In this latter case, I may assist his balance by pulling on his leash, which often produces a pleasing choking effect as he works to please Me with his submission. The kisses should increase in frequency and intensity as he works his way around the inside and outside of My Foot and back to the Toes. Lick the boot The slave must now use his tongue to lick clean all the parts of My boot he has just kissed.

The meaning here is that I own every part of his body and I can command any part of it to serve Me. This needs a great sacrificial effort to sustain for the cleaning of the whole Boot, and is therefore an important measure of the potential of a male slave. Kiss the heel Now the slave must show his worship of the lower parts of My Boot and show first his reverence for My Heel. Lick the heel Having completed the kissing of My Heel the slave must now show deeper submission to its power by licking it clean. Suck the heel This act has very deep significance. The slave must take My heel into his mouth and suck on it with a passionate devotion and submission which demonstrates to Me that he is mine to use in any way I may wish.

Suck the tip of the boot This is a further extension of the heel sucking step, and has much the same significance, but with the advantage that the slave is now fully in view at My feet. I can look into his eyes as he sucks passionately and devotedly on the tip of My Boot. I can see and feel the completeness of his adoration of his Goddess, the dog-like devotion as he looks up at Me from his lowly place. I see the humiliation, the fear, the surrender in his face and i know that I own him totally. Will I have to give a command to lick it clean? Will it need a flick of My whip across his naked back to make it happen? Or will the slave automatically begin to clean the sole with the passionate self-debasement that I expect.

Will he gag on the dirt and show reluctance to please Me? Or will he completely abandon all self-respect and give himself totally to the task of making the sole of My boot spotless.

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