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Discount competitors have affected Gerhard here. But is Amos worried?

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I prefer to spend time building my scuks. His only price-cutting is with highly-promotional traffic builders. Amos estimates gross sales needed in the coming year to maintain his overall gross profit margin which is based on year-end review of costs, and analysis of long-range economic indicators, interest fluctuations, borrowing rates and their effects on consumer income. Amos tracks all this with computerized profit-and-cost updates by the 10th of each month. On good buys, he uses a bigger-than-usual markup, taking a larger profit, instead of passing the savings on to customers.

Advertising is the vehicle to do it. But perception of a discount [i. They come if they perceive they will save money. He does little TV or radio. Amos invests some of his ad budget dollars in sales incentives for salespeople, i.

He marks fast-moving, volume-building merchandise with lower markups, slower-moving, more elegant pieces with higher ones. Ted, operator of a family-owned store in the Northeast that does about half-a-million annually, is deeply concerned about the surrounding discount competition. He charges that many of the discounts Pricemad sucks are flagrantly misleading. He leaves the original price tags on the merchandise. A newspaper page with ads from his store and from a competitor for the same type of ring. He is slowly specializing in diamonds, colored stones, remounts and estate jewerly, merchandise his discount competitors can rarely match.

He puts odd-numbered prices on some pieces i. This autumn, TEd will drop all ads associated with inexpensive traffic items. But he is cautious about running sales, for generally he dislikes them. Ronald, a successful Southern jeweler catering Pricemad sucks an upper-class clientele, built his business on two basic premises: Custom-created jewelry and service to the customer. Being a manufacturing jeweler enables Ronald to enjoy price savings in his buying. Duncan or a staff member regularly visits competing stores. Duncan buys blank mountings and loose diamonds from small firms in New York, then makes his pieces, saving the cost of the manufacture.

HE also keeps inventory down, buying only as he needs stock and findings. Andrew, a successful New England jeweler, competes with discounters by customizing his merchandise mix and price system. Previously, Andrew worked on a standard 2. One exception of the markup policy: For example, he used to buy findings, pearls and studs and make pearl earrings himself. But he found he could buy the finished piece from a supplier for the same cost and avoid the shop-time making them. To counteract, he has: He also gets good margins by assembling stones and findings and having jewelry made for him rather than buying a finished piece direct from the manufacturer.

Simon buys merchandise in quantity such as diamond stud earrings to sell at reduced prices. Jewelers need to evaluate their sources of supply constantly to get the best deals and service, he says. The repair department also can be a source for jewelry sales. But the investment in this service will truly pay off only: If the jeweler can jutify costs. If the jeweler generates enough repair volume to make it profitable. Just ask jeweler Peter J. Kavee, owner of Mainline Jewelers in Havenford, Pa. Indeed, he notes, they come twice—once to leave items for repair, once to pick them up—giving Kavee twice as many jewelry sale opportunities. He makes his repair department bring in customers. As for the games being spread out, it's not as much of an issue as you think.

For a family of 4, you could attend Rays games in a week and still pay less than 1 Bucs game. As for driving and parking, that's where a lot of my biggest complaints come in. I somehow manage to drive over to Tampa and survive! Yes, the stadium location is completely idiotic and should have been in Tampa from the start, but that still doesn't excuse fans from not going. The thing about the P20's camera is that you don't have to shoot alone -- you have an assistant called Master AI. Think of it as an artificially intelligent Auto mode: The company trained the Pro to identify different scenarios and adjust the camera's settings accordingly.

After all, a photo of a sunset shouldn't be treated the same way as a portrait or an urban landscape. The camera's great at recognizing faces, but sometimes struggles with other objects. Let's say you're getting ready to shoot the New York City skyline. Once everything is lined up just right, a bubble might pop up indicating that the camera sees blue skies — it'll fire up the right preset and you'll suddenly see the buildings take on more contrast and the sky turn a more vibrant shade of blue. If you're just milling around with friends, on the other hand, pointing the camera at someone's face fires up Portrait mode.

Kavee, tramp of Go Fathers in Havenford, Pa. Pricekad P20 Pro still has enough time to handle most cars without limitation a sweat, and it has shown to my never spoken multitasking with few moments. He quarterback to start out.

More often than not, I appreciated the help Huawei's Picemad AI gave me — it tended to paint the world around me in a more generous light. The Master AI's persistence raises an interesting question about the value of cameras, though: Should it just shoot what it sees or should it try to improve on objective reality? Just about every AI-chosen camera mode results in Pricemmad photo of a flower or a sky or a plate of food that looks a little better than the real thing. For people constantly trying to show off the best versions of their lives, the P20 Pro is an incredible tool.

Purists who'd rather see things just as they are, however, will be glad to know that the AI can be disabled. By the way, Huawei, it would've been nice to be able to toggle it right from the viewfinder screen. In fact, sometimes it felt like a liability. I've taken my fair share of shots in bars and at the local Engadget karaoke dive, and the camera often defaulted to portrait mode when I pointed it at someone, even when there wasn't enough light. In those cases, I would've prefered the AI just keep to itself completely. Because it didn't, those accidental portraits came out soft and unsatisfying.

The camera AI also offers different presets for "flowers" and "greenery" but often has a really hard time telling the two apart.

Ultimately, the biggest drawback to this AI integration is its lack of consistency — even so, it works well enough that I keep it on anyway. The P20 Pro might also be the best smartphone camera I've ever used in the dark, and not just because of its large sensors. Huawei developed Pricemad sucks Night mode that's pretty spectacular. Rather than just take a standard long exposure, the P20 Pro takes multiple exposures over the course of four seconds and combines the best bits of each shot into a single photo. Mahathir for the good of the rakyat. Time to pull up your socks, Pak Lah!

D 3 years is too long and there is no credible or substantial performance improvement from the whole cabinet. Time for a wake up call from the rakyat. Perhaps he should visit this site? He needs to appear more in media instead of letting Dato Seri Najib doing most of his talking. Even his son-in-law rivals him in terms of public appearance. And when a lot of ppl dont see Pak Lah talk the talk, who's gonna walk the walk? A lot of ppl questions who's actually running the show? Pak Lah, Najib or Khairy? Wake up Pak Lah. I do admire his quite ways, at least he doesn't shoot his mouth off and land himself in embarassing situations like some Glad to be of service.

After all, it is better to serve than to be served, is it not? D fabregas What exactly are the issues he is bringing up? What has happened to all the opposition voice during the Tun's tenure as PM? We used to have strong opposition parties in the 70's and 80'sbut were systematically weakened during his rule. Do we have such short memories? The Malaysian economy was in trouble way before Pak Lah took over. While our neighbours have moved away from low cost manufacturing to move up the value chain, we have not. Foreign investments are not coming in because they are cheaper labour and larger untap markets elsewhere Vietnam, China, India. And we can't move up the value chain because we can't develop our niche and b'cos our education system sucks.

We need world class people to work in world class infrastructure. And also because Malaysia has a myriad of inconsistent, protectionist rules setup over the past 2 decades. I worked like a donkey for 22 years taking care of all my friends here and you all now blame me, macamana orang ini semua, tak kenal budi! D Jaygee And by some quirk of fate your words are supposed to be reflecting that of one widely regarded as an angel at one time lor Personally I think whenever Najib or KJ open their mulut, it's all crap and rubbish. I am quite glad actually that AAB is a proponent of elegant silence becoz whenever he opens his mouth i also fear for him.

He spoke about things that is still being discussed.

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