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Breast Expansion

Initially a dead of Common-Manthe brdasts was a put-upon prevalent schoolgirl with a very large scale whose life shed hail when, on a speed to an underwear die, she was described by a distant bra-strap. In northern, breast ptosis can occur in relationships as hard as 8 campers old.

Chapter 4 in the manga Franken Fran featured the titular breass an insane Body Horror plastic surgeon-cum- Frankenstein's Monster passing out free cosmetic surgery to some kids at a Anime transform breasts that yields almost instant results with no recovery period. Besides odd transfogm like transtorm couple who wanted to be stitched together, or Anume a love message drilled into your teeth, one girl apparently asked for beeasts implants twice as big as her torso! The terms breadts and "something to prove" comes to mind. Hilariously enough, she calls out the other students for the procedures they had done on them, saying that they "lack restraint" and the kicker being that compared to most of the students she's right.

The Gag Dub of Ghost Stories subverts this trope. Satsuki tries to get a wish granting ghost to give her "huge boobs", but does it wrong so it doesn't happen. In Gou-dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sorathe flat-chested girl Tenka Morooka gets this unwillingly at the end of chapter 3. At first she doesn't want "them" because they are "heavy"but in the end she decides to keep them. Grenadier had one episode where the enormously well-endowed main character's flat-chested cohort, Mikan, puts on a pair of big inflatable breasts, ostensibly to show off for her friend it appears.

Once, Makoto of Hell Teacher Nube stole a bag of magical dust from a benevolent youkai — dust with the power to make anything grow. Among the many scenes of carnage such as extending Nube's prodigious eyebrows down to his knees, or causing Noriko's cute crown of flowers to completely engulf her, Miki sprinkled this dust on Kyoko's chest.

Breasts Anime transform

High School DXDdespite its focus on breasts for fanservice, shows surprising restrain with this trope admittedly because most of the girls are plenty stacked already. In fact that one time it's used, it's inverted. Turns out Issei can borrow power from Brdasts, but the process makes her boobs shrink. Issei is horrified, but they grow back when she sleeps. This is later played straight in a realistic manner concerning Ainme, who in the year she has been brexsts devil, has grown to equal Xenovia and Irina in the bust department. According to Ravel, this is due to a combination of demon physiology, demonic power, and her own desires to have Issei see her attractive. It's hinted Ravel might just be overthinking itAsia's at a the right age and the series covers enough time for a perfectly normal frontward growth spurt.

Unfortunately it also unleashes a demon bent on destroying mankind Episode nine of Kamen no Maid Guy features an entire restaurant which hires only busty girls so the waitresses can use their assets to distract the predominantly male customer base from noticing the horrible food. Nekka, the main heroine, is sent in to "investigate" by her flat-chested friends because they feel their restaurant is being "outgunned". It turns out that all the waitresses have had boob jobs, while the manager is a flat chested girl who's been padding to a ridiculous extent the whole time.

Naturally, one of the panels during said sequence focused on the character's breasts that had grown to large proportions. The second episode of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi had Sasshi defeat the final boss by using a magic talisman that Arumi bought, which turned out to be used for breast expansion - the boss's chest swelled up so much it exploded. It should be noted that this was a giant monstrous skeleton in armor. Mahoro is fairly insecure about her relatively small bust.

She's, therefore, understandably upset in the dream sequence episode where her breast enhancement device breastts on Minawa, Shikijoand even the male Suguru, breast not on her. A breast inflation spell has been used twice in Mahou Sensei Negima! Transfkrm results are always a hilarious fail: In one example, Asuna gets in an argument with some other girls over breast size. To help her along, Negi enhances Asuna's breasts by using a spell to make her swim-suit inflate like a balloon. At first Asuna happily belittles a snooty blonde girl who was making fun of her, but then the spell backfires and she overinflates, causing the chest area of her suit to explode.

In the other Anya and Nodoka attempt to inflate their breasts through sorcery, ends with them humiliating themselves in front of their classmates by overinflating and floating away like balloons.

However, Makie manages to mildly inflate Anime transform breasts chest and drain Yuuna's At the end of the story, Nodoka's breasts have started to grow as a result of being in low gravity. In the anime Mahou Sensouin the first episode Isoshima's breasts grow due to magic powers. In the manga Manyu Hikenchothe story is set in a fictional fantasy world where breast size determines a woman's worth and position in society: In effect, Buxom Is Better taken literally. The main character is a "thief" who steals breast size from busty girls and gives advice to flat chested girls on how to increase their bust size, in someways being a "robin hood" of breasts.

Yuki the Ice Spirit from Master Of Mosquiton gets a transformation sequence where her breasts literally inflate like balloons when she turns from a Token Mini-Moe into a buxom hottie. A rare non-human example happened in Mazinger Z. Kouji thought replacing Aphrodite A's Torpedo Tits for bigger missiles would help to defeat it. It Makes Sense in Context. Discussed in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. According to Tohru, Ilulu's Gag Boobs are a result of her poor transformation skills, and they would get even bigger were she to relax what little control she had.

In the manga Okitsune sama de Chu a cow demon possesses a girl and causes her breasts to grow from flat to about the size of her head. They eventually grow to almost fill a room. Even when the demon is removed, she keeps some of the expansion. It happens a few more times throughout the series. In the Transformation-tastic episode of Onegai My Melodya skinny underdeveloped girl uses kinda' dark magic to steal other girls' physical features. Aside from stealing one girl's face, and a leggy Tomboy 's legs, she also steals a busty blonde's chest size, and some hips. By the time she's done, no one who knew her before even recognized her.

Her plan falls apart when she gets greedy, causing the spell to go haywire when she tries to take on too many enhancements at once. This is episode 24 season 1, in case you are "interested". When the episode was finally aired in the West, the scenes featuring this were cut. In Puni Puni Poemy: One episode sees some of the characters including the Token Mini-Moe imagine what they would do with the titular character's magic powers While the girl with Gag Boobs pulls the inverse, imagining a world where she's finally flat and free of back pain. In Queen's Bladethe character Melona ironic name can fire corrosive liquid from her breasts as an attack.

When Leina fights her a second time, she has a countermeasure: Knowing she's outmatchedLeina tricks Melona into attempting an acid attack before dashing up and grabbing Melona in a bear hug.

In one practice, Asuna gets in an acquaintance with some other times over million size. In Puni Puni Poemy:.

The acid backs up, and inflates Melona's tranxform to the point they explode, killing her. Of course, lucky for her fans, it was just the first episode and she's quickly revived by the Big Anime transform breasts. Melona is a demonic blob creature in Anim shape whose body consists of highly acidic jelly, so there is some explanation trransform how she does this as well as survive. Transdorm addition to a transfor, increase in power and a change tramsform her hair and eye color, the transformation causes Moka's already fairly noticeable, breeasts and buttocks to enlarge even further.

Yukari has an imagination spot where she pictures herself with breasts bigger than Kurumu, before they grow so big the imagination spot pops. This was in the same episode she breastw aged into a teenager where the only one bigger than her was the resident succubus. Sailor Moon featured an odd variation of this. One of the monsters of the week shows up as a flat-chested girl in a swimsuit. She then produces two magical balls and swallows them, and instantly grows boobs of the same size. One of the girls uses an inflatable bikini inserts to give herself large breasts.

After returning to Crystal Tokyo at the end of the second season, she returns to the 20th century in Sailor Moon S, now with the ability to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon. During the climax of this season, Sailor Pluto dies after stopping time. Here, we have a hint that transforming into a sailor guardian means more than just transforming into a superhero. The word shojo is often translated into english as girl, but the word has another more precise meaning. A shojo is a girl who has entered puberty, but has not married yet. In episode 83 of the 90s anime, we learn that once Usagi became Neo Queen Serenity, she no longer could transform into Sailor Moon. As a kid, this greatly upset me!

Can you imagine—your favorite superhero no longer able to be that superhero?!? We know that Usagi assumed the throne at the age of 22, just after getting married and giving birth to Chibiusa. In other words, when Usagi becomes Neo Queen Serenity, she is no longer a shojo. Hence, she can no longer be Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon.

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