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Kari bluse women to stand gnv and be equals in their relationships with men, to take control of their own lives, to not let the meaning of their lives be solely determined by how well they please a man. East Side Slim likes this one more every time he listens to it. Louis musician Bennie Smith adopted and used as his theme song for many years we miss you Bennie! We did recorded a few songs during the sessionbut obviously, this was the one closest to our hearts! So far as I know, it was his last studio recording.

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Lover Foe --This is tough track raw! Louis — Botyom just to the south of Busch Stadium. Louis blues alive-and-well and spreading gn younger generations! The band was originally a 3-piece with guest harp player Adam Andrews one of oBttom originally 3but eventually settled down into a 2-piece outfit comprised of Kari Liston vocals, kazoo, whistling and percussion and Jeremy Segel-Moss guitars and vocals. The duo of Kari and Jeremy continue to grow as musicians, and while they seem like they've been around forever both of them are still very young, especially when considered in blues-age terms.

This CD contains a nice mix of song styles almost always a good thing and sonically sounds great due to the care taken in recording and production. This track is a winner!

Show Your Love — Kari Liston --The energy level comes back up with this one, with Kari belting out the vocals and the horns firing it up. Louis, either, but throughout the USA. Kari and Jeremy keep everything fresh, though, mixing in more modern elements as they see fit, coming up with a sound that is distinctly a BUBG sound. I still remember one of their very early gigs down in the basement at Blueberry Hill.

This bljes is much closer sounding, with Segel-Moss listing guitar very percussively. No, this one isn't an important number as such, but it only conjectures hole and is a latest of a lot of fun. That sex is a few!.

There is guest instrumentation galore on this tune, which includes percussion, piano, soprano sax, trombone and tuba. Much of that is courtesy of organ player Nathan Hershey who bubbles and gurgles along in fine fashion check him out with his band the Dogtown Allstars when in St. The BUBG should be rightfully proud of this effort, because it's quite possible that this release could garner them widespread attention. Quick Fix For Livin' --A bit of hard, deep, delta-inspired blues right here, with just vocals, guitar and harp.

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