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Afghan women still jailed alongside murderers for 'failing' virginity test

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The virginity test first came under the spotlight in when a report by Human Rights Watch revealed that women applying to join the Indonesian security forces were checked not only for their health, but also for whether they had had any prior sexual experience. Moreover, passing the virginity test does not guarantee the candidate will be enrolled in the armed forces. Andreas Harsono, an Indonesian researcher for Human Rights Watch, says that the practice has been going on for more than five decades. And because of the lack of female doctors in the armed forces and the police, 70 per cent of the medical staff who perform the tests are male, although they are usually accompanied by a female nurse.

Indonesia ratified both treaties, in and respectively. As of last year, according to the Global Firepower index, which ranks the military strength of nations, there were more thanactive military personnel in the southeast Asian nation. Meanwhile, National Police Chief Tito Karnavian says the force employs more thanactive personnel. As of this year, Indonesia had sent 2, military and police personnel on nine missions, of whom only 81 were women. With such a grave shortage of female soldiers and police officers in the country, boosting the participation of women in international missions is difficult.

She adds that the Indonesian police force has realised that the virginity tests are a problem.

Virginity drawings Women

Police force spokesperson Brigadier General Rikwanto said in November last year that the tests are no longer performed on female applicants. Sri Rumiati, a retired police officer, is not fully convinced. She says that although the practice may have been abolished in the capital, Jakarta, authorities in other regions might still Women virginity drawings subjecting women to a virginity test. While she was still working as a police officer, Rumiati says, she often urged the police to stop conducting virginity tests.

Swimsuits in a cartoon? Rianti, who says she was traumatised by the virginity test, has no intention of applying a second time to join the army. We think you'd also like Thank youYou are on the list. This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: Half a century of reproductive control and half a century of women experiencing sex for fun, has dramatically changed attitudes towards virginity. These balls are symptomatic of conservative Christian fears of sexualisation, of moral degradation, of social decay. Not new fears, but nonetheless responded to in a new way.

The balls, the rings, are about safeguarding virginity, however virginity is really just one aspect of the all-importance of abstinence. Also rising in popularity in the US is hymen reconstruction surgery. While hymen reconstruction does occur in the US for faith-based reasons, even more interesting are those secular adult women who are having the stitches sewn for cosmetic reasons. On the menu of vaginal tinkering and tightening procedures peddled by surgeons nowadays are cosmetic hymen reconstructions.

Such surgery gives women the opportunity to re-experience virginity; to relive the illusion of first-time sex. Testimonials document women who have bought to surgery as an anniversary gift for their husband. Yes, the mind really does boggle.

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