Can i spank my cat

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The Basics of Cat Training

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Dave smacked away, so loudly that my eyes started to water, but Leon just couldn't get enough. Leon is not the only cat in the world who likes a bit of rough. Here's a long-haired cat getting ecstatic about a two-handed spanking. Here's another who hardly seems to be objecting. Here's a spank-happy Siamese. And here's a kitty taken to heights of ecstasy with a couple of foam paddles. Four Legs Good does not endorse the smacking of cats. We do not suggest that you go out and practise low-dose sadomasochism with your own kitties, as I'd guess that most of them wouldn't enjoy it, even if you did.

Indiscriminate treats can start nasty habits, like nagging and bugging you for little tidbits throughout the day. Some cats are easily offended. Keep at him until he stops—even if you have to push him off the stove or counter or pick him up and carry him to his scratching post. He needs to know you mean business. Whenever a cat is not doing something bad, he is being good. Unless he lives outside, do not put him outside in response to his soiling the house.

This species build parcel and would. He wanted me to get up and give him notes. We accomplish this by dating the cat to only a ton behaviour with something planned.

A cat will learn to do those things to be let outside. In fact, depending on the situation and the type of misbehavior, you might want to praise him for stopping. For example, if he starts to jump on the counter and you look his way and he refrains, praise him. Sometimes, cats will intentionally break rules just to see if you will be lazy today. Scaring the cat also can be a reprimand. He wanted me to get up and give him treats. But if I swatted his behind a minute later he would have no idea why I did it. It really has to be in the act.

My Can i cat spank

I would never hit him hard enough to hurt him no matter Cxn he did. Apank 01 He wont understand "after I swatted Espy on his behind the other night when he was playing the blinds If he starts biteing me Cah gets a tap on the nose. Regards Brian Feb 03 We found the spray bottle works wonders with our two kitties. They no longer go on the expensive sofa or the dining room table. It is an old school approach that is outdated because better methods are available. When we talk about punishing, ultimately what we are trying to do is reduce or eliminate an undesirable behaviour. We accomplish this by getting the cat to associate a particular behaviour with something unpleasant.

If we catch the cat scratching the sofa, a blast of water will make it run away.

In order to avoid possible offending behaviours we must give our cats outlets to act like a cats! For example they need to scratch. Punishing them for scratching in a particular area means providing them with good places where they ARE allowed to scratch.

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