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The pillows under Lela's hips pushed her bottom up, and her thighs were spread as wide as the panties around her knees would allow, showing the lips acrosx her vulva. It was a position of submission that he loved, Lela ass presented, her pussy exposed, waiting to take her spanking. He got the ruler paddle, a rattan cane and the punishment strap. He laid the cane and the strap on the bed for later and knelt by Lela's left side. He caressed her bottom and bent down to kiss her bare cheeks. He let his fingers slide over her cheeks, down between her thighs to caress her pussy.

He spread her pussy lips and slipped his finger inside her. She was starting to get wet. He took the paddle and rubbed it over her bottom, letting her feel the smooth wood. He patted her bottom again with the paddle. She arched her bottom up a bit more, offering her ass for the paddle. He began spanking her, the paddle cracking across her bare buttocks. As he paddled her, her bottom started to blush pink and she cried out, with a soft "ow" after each stroke.

Down bare across Panties bottom spank

Although the paddling hurt, she kept her bottom raised, offered for the strokes. Although sometimes they call me in every now and then which is annoying because it's so random and last spqnk. Get it while you can," Alyson said as the two started dowm TV. Mom stuck her head in the door. After dinner, you're going to clean your room. Dinner time was at 5: Emily doan Alyson came out and found a freshly ordered pizza. At this point, Alyson had taken off her shoes and left them in Emily's room. The two sat at the table with Mom. Mom observed how different the two were: She ended up spitting a bit of sauce on the table. Emily didn't notice, too engrossed in the conversation.

Taking it out of her pocket, she looked at the caller ID. How bad is it? Well, how long, becau Nothing serious, but they're short handed so they need me at the hospital overnight. But they said they'd fire me if I didn't come in. I kinda have no choice. My bus ticket back isn't until tomorrow! The look on her face seemed to be of disgust, before she relented, faking a smile. She put her plate in the sink before rushing to her room and shutting the door. After a few minutes of awkward silence at the table, Emily came back out in hospital scrubs. She gave Alyson a hug, saying, "Next time this won't happen, I promise. She started cleaning up the table.

Alyson sat there watching. He was in charge, if he thought she needed bare bottom, she would submit to that too! She noticed that if a spanking on the panties hurt 10 times more than over her skirt. This was times worse. The sting of his hand on her bare flesh was unbearable and she kicked and screamed with abandon. He held her and comforted her until she stopped crying. She felt like a new person. Judd, I feel so much better! Judd scolded her in a fatherly fashion. Will you… Will you be my disciplinarian? I too was not supposed to spend any money at the store today. Will you, will you S-Spank me too?

I would never let my man lay a hand on me, or tell me what to do. But Stephanie has been telling us about how miserable her life was before she submitted and how wonderful it is now. Then I saw Carrie getting spanked and it really turned me on. So I want to try it out with you. Now come over my knee. Judd Was surprised how much of a crier this seemingly tough woman was. But he was determined to give her the full experience so he lifted her skirt. He paused for a few seconds with his hand high up in the air ready to spank. As she waited, the helplessness of her situation began to sink in.

She was totally exposed to his will. He could hold her there as long as he wanted. She began feeling very tiny and out of control.

So, what makes that leave us. She overwhelmingly went to Charity's stripper to find Alyson default on May's bed, hand behind her appearance, poker TV.

Her eyes began to glaze over. I could put her on restriction, I could cut off her allowance or I could put her over my knee and give her a good spanking. So, what does that leave us? I intend to take you across my knee, bare your bottom and give you the spanking of a lifetime. I'm going to scorch your backside so thoroughly that any future thoughts about borrowing company funds without permission will make your eyes water and your buns throb. Unable to speak, she simply nodded dumbly and tried to clear her throat.

I want this to be humiliating for you. She could see them smirking at each other and snickering quietly as the sound of her cries and the brush smacking her ass echoed throughout the office. Then there'd be the unbearable chore of exiting Mr. It was almost too embarrassing to imagine. You do as you are told this minute, or you know what the consequences are! A second spanking at bedtime, that's what he said the consequences would be last time. She went right over to his right side as he sat on the desk chair. Don't test my patience any more than you already have.

She was supposed to pull down her pants, right there in front of him! Slowly she undid the belt and then the button and zipper of her faded blue jeans. Stifling a sob, she tugged them down, just enough to uncover her bottom in the back, she thought. Right down to your knees, and hurry up! She started to get over his lap, but he stopped her and made her stand there, with just her panties on, right there next to him. She wanted to die. She shut her eyes to close out this horrible scene and clasped her hands in front of her to cover herself. Damien told her to look at him, and to get those hands behind her. Tears sprang to her eyes as she obeyed him.

Do you think you will want to get another spanking any time soon after this? I'm sorry to have to punish you, but you do richly deserve it this time. Now, get over my knee. She reached back and held onto the chair legs for support. Damien started to spank her, hard but slowly. It stung from the first spank. Soon the smart was so much that Kelley began to twist and squirm to try to relieve the sting. But he didn't stop, even for a break, and if it weren't for his strong left arm pinning her waist down to his left thigh, she would have not been able to keep herself from rolling off his lap to avoid the torrent of smacks.

Kelley was now sobbing freely. I left Lauren's room, but ran into her in the hallway and then she was red faced and obviously had been crying I walked right by her and made eye contact, but did not speak. Just as I was getting ready to descend the stairs I heard "Pssssss" I turned my head back to Lauren, who had pulled down her pants and panties, just below her bottom and slightly bent over, she just had to show me I guess to have me empathize with her. It was a sight, my eyes almost popped out of my head.

Lauren's bottom was shiny, bright red, it actually glowed and each cheek had crops of fiery red blood blisters along with purple rectangular purple bruises across the lower butt cheeks from the wooden paddle. This was testament to the corporal punishment the severity I heard through the air vent. All the pleading, hollering and crying I had heard secretly in the basement, now was embedded with Lauren's spanked red bottom she had just shown me. Lauren's flash of her punished bottom lasted only last a few seconds. I decided I better obey Mrs. Miller she really scared me and descended the steps I heard a wisp as Lauren pulled up her panties and pants over her angry red and purple tinged burning sore bottom.

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