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You're the highest bidder! To increase your chances of winning, try raising cekeb bid. You're the first bidder. You're still the highest bidder! If you don't think men take just as many, if not more, naked selfies as women, than you've probably never been on OKCupid, a dating website where women have to regularly beg strangers not to send them unsolicited dick pictures.

We're living in a world where men take pictures of their dicks Nude celeb blo often that women reflexively know to say, "Hey, before we start talking I just want you to know: I know that one of the stolen pictures in this most recent breach was of a man, and he is also a victim in this massive scandal. But I also know that no one was frantically Googling "Justin Verlander nude" this weekend, and that most of the people who saw Verlander naked only saw him as a side effect of seeing Kate Upton naked. The majority of the naked pictures that get stolen and posted to the Internet are of women, and when that happens, the Internet blames the women for taking pictures in the first place after, of course, they look over every single one of those pictures.

I can't even stop looking at how shameful. A person -- any person -- has a right to take a naked picture of him- or herself and share it with another consenting adult without the risk of having their privacy invaded by millions of strangers. Americans agree, which is why sexting activity has been steadily increasing across all age demographics sinceincluding the taking and sharing of naked selfies. We just choose to forget how common this is becoming as soon as it's time for a good ol' fashioned public shaming. But that's just one of the common responses You wouldn't steal a picture of your friend or co-worker naked and then share it with everyone you've ever met, but you don't mind staring at a picture of a naked celebrity, because that, we've all decided, is part of their job.

As a celebrity, the rules are different for her. She gets paid to travel around the world being famous, making the most money, getting the best seats at basketball games, and hanging out with other famous people. In exchange, she accepts that paparazzi and media critics and phone hackers are part of her life. My job ALSO has its downsides; we all make concessions. Continue Reading Below Advertisement And I understand that people are suspicious when pictures like these make it to the Internet, because so far no celebrity to my knowledge has been harmed professionally after a breach excepting perhaps Anthony Weiner, though it could be argued that his resignation was linked more to the fact that he was behaving inappropriately outside of his marriage and not simply because he took a picture of his dick and was like "Here, whomever".

I also understand that there are some people who are famous because of an intentionally released sex tape masquerading as a leak, and some have even built successful reality TV empires after alleged leaks.

It's made people cynical and unsympathetic. When nlo use this argument, here is what you're really celeh It's based on this idea of a contract that all celebrities have allegedly signed. We entered into this agreement together the minute she decided to be hlo and I decided not to be. Did Clooney sign one of these? Continue Njde Below Advertisement Of course, this contract doesn't exist, and no one would sign it if it did, but that vlo stop us from pretending that the unlicensed publication of personal photos is "part of the job" for famous people. I don't want us to talk about selfies and how we should all apologize to these multimillionaires; I want to talk about privacy and rights while the topic is still timely and exciting enough that people will listen.

There are a lot of conversations we SHOULD be having, conversations about celebrity culture, conversations about privacy, conversations about how the Internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for women and plenty of others, I'm sure. But the Internet, the giant spider web of loud assholes that it is, is blocking those conversations from view with a bunch of white noise about public shaming and other nonsense. We just need to make sure the right conversations have time and space to take place before a week goes by, some other scandal happens, and we all move on to the next thing. John Hodgman calls it "very funny," and Kanye West has currently not yet read it.

Thankfully, famous people get to wear clothes whenever they want.

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