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The Do's & Don'ts of Your Visit to Your Gynecologist

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All the literary significance of the intact hymen and the blood on the sheet on the wedding night is just heavy metaphor. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. The OB-GYN visit is usually short, will involve a bunch of questions about your sex life and your menstrual cycles and an internal exam involving a speculum while you have your feet in stirrups. Doctors usually use lube, warm the speculum, and are generally very very considerate, especially if you tell them you haven't been before. The whole thing mostly doesn't hurt, and will be less uncomfortable the more relaxed you are. The actual pap smear involves scraping off some cervical cells with a sort of tongue depressor thing, it sometimes feels like a little pinch and then it's over; sugarfish is right, it's like one cramp.

This definitely feels weird but it's quick and clinical. Breast exams are the same as the ones you'd do yourself at home [you are examining your breasts monthly, right? Then you get dressed, they say they'll send you your results, and then you leave. If you're nervous, it's totally appropriate to bring a friend with you to the exam. I'd also strongly second [third? Feel free to ask your doc a lot of questions during the appointment and remember, if you're not comfortable, you can tell them to stop at any time and just walk out of there and find a doctor you do like.

I've seen several different nurse practitioners for gynocological care, and I've been happy with all of them. A doctor isn't going to force you to have a pelvic exam exam against your will. If that's a deal-breaker for you, I'd bet if you explain your concerns and history, she would agree to just do an external genital examination. Your genitals are a part of your body, and just because you've chosen not to use them for sex doesn't mean they don't exist or don't require a physical check-up just like the rest of your body. Being raised in a not praticant, but very "religious catholic" family, she was led to believe the "touching" down there was not ok. Let alone visit a gynecologist, a man!!!!

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Now even there's no prince charming on Fiirst horizon: For woman it is much much much more important as female genitalia is more delicate then male genitalia and need more care and attention ; that's virgjn for every woman, regardless of their religious faiths. So let me vidgin you, set aside your fears my dear and visit a gyn as soon as possible The most important thing is to get rid of fears, the rest will follow. You should have a Pap smear every year. And you need to have the irregular menstruation checked out. Choosing a lifetime of virginity is a very challenging choice to make.

I would encourage you to discuss this with a counselor or religious leader, just to be sure you are doing this as a positive choice, rather than as a reaction to a real or perceived fear.

I do assure you that any good gynecologist will respect your feelings about your virginity, and about your hymen insofar as it virgim have a negative impact on your health. That's very curious because as far as I remember 1. Uro-logist as virgjn as I know don't remember the hetimos is t is a physician who has specialized knowledge and skill regarding problems of the male and female urinary tract. Guess that, therefore, andrologist come in the picture only when there's a recognized by an urologist? Indeed, this is an interesting hiccup. If it's deeply symbolic for you I'm sure your doc can work around it, but it still seems like an odd thing to get stuck on.

For many women there is no hymen breaking moment - dunno if I never really had one or it was somehow broken non sexually at some point, but it's really got nothing to do with anything And as everyone has said, seeing a doctor is not just about sexuality and fertility.

Ask to see the speculum and for her to take the time to show you how it will work. This is your body and you should get some reassurance on what to expect. You asked if it would hurt. Each girl is different in terms of what they experience but I can share what it feels like for me and what helps, so here goes. Some can do the exam on a plain old table or massage table, with you laying on your side. The exam can be done just as well that way, and when it's done like this, it is generally in response to women feeling like the stirrups and having to lie with legs spread makes them feel more vulnerable, fearful or exposed than is needed.

If the chair or the posture of being on your back with legs spread freaks you out, or you just feel like that's not something you'd prefer, you can always ask your healthcare provider if they could give you an exam lying on your side. Your doctor could also give you the bimanual exam if stirrups are used standing at your side, rather than at the foot of the table. Now, or perhaps sometime before, you may have noticed that the table you're on has stirrups metal footrestsand the doctor may pull them out and ask you to slide your heels into them, and move your torso down on the table so that your bottom is sitting on the edge.

To see what your doctor sees, check out our map of your genitals. The American College of Gynecologists also has an excellent fact sheet for teens about a first exam with very detailed illustrations here. Your doctor will first just look at the appearance of your vulva -- your external genitals -- looking for any lumps or bumps, swelling, funny colors, or unusual discharge. S he may put a gloved finger on your vagina to see if your glands put out any pus or mucus when touched. After this, your doctor may insert a gloved finger or two into your vagina while they put their other hand on your abdomen and torso -- this is called a bimanual exam.

S he'll press different spots on your stomach and hips and ask if anything feels painful or tender. Sure, it can be a little strange, to have someone you don't really know have their hand in your genitals. The best advice I can give you is to understand that it's really no different from a doctor looking down your throat or in your ears. The only difference is that in our culture, we have put different importance on the genitals, and have different feelings of privacy. Gynecologists aren't perverts who just want to spend all day looking at vaginas. They are a specialized practice, just like someone who chooses to do heart surgery, and in general, are people whose personal cares lie in wanting to ensure reproductive health.

There is no reason to feel it is dirty -- it isn't. You're taking care of yourself, and so is the doctor. You may or may not get a speculum exam: However, it never hurts to gently remind your doctor that you definitely would like a urine test. Why do you need a urine test in addition to a pap test? This is one reason why the urine test is really important. Be persistent and follow up — your gynecologist will appreciate the dedication you show for your own health. However, remember that lying is only going to hurt you in the long run. They deal with hundreds of patients each week and have heard it all, so the gynecology office will be a judgment-free zone.

Gottfried has these wise words to share with all collegiettes: Untreated chlamydia can cause many problems from chronic pain to infertility. Why risk taking a potentially dangerous medication or leaving an STD undetected? DON'T have sex the night before your appointment. Secondly, the friction, bumping around and semen can potentially change the results of your pap. Save the sex for another night and focus on your personal health the night before. Once your doctor knows a little about you and your interests, he or she will start to ask more in depth questions. They may ask about your energy levels, exercise and sleeping patterns, and how your mood has been recently.

No, these things are not directly related to gynecology but can relate to your hormones levels and even then, if your doctor thinks you have a health problem that could be cared for by another specialist, they can often recommend a doctor to see. Whether or not you are in a relationship, prepare to be honest about your sexual history. If you have questions about birth control methods and are interested in starting to use birth control, or changing the method you used, feel free to ask about it!

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