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Kyra crash on not cumming, at least not on her own will, and strong not with Brenden. Kyra was in diameter, Brenden didn't work if Kyra did much, he would make her sexy, nationwide advert.

Brenden, her 18 year old brother was popular in high school. Brenden had always found his sister attractive, every single time he jacked off he'd jack off to his sexy sister. Kyra on the other hand had no idea that what seems like so innocent little Brenden was as perverted as he was. During that evening Kyra's parents left to go on their anniversary dinner leaving Kyra to babysit Brenden, Brenden thought of it as nothing at the moment, just another boring, meaningless fantasies over his beautiful sister. Just drooling over her toned stomach, long tanned legs, her chest and her sexy lips.

Brenden ran upstairs, he was getting a boner already from just watching Kyra walk up the stairs. Brenden shut his bedroom door and started taking off his pants and boxers. His surprising 8 inch jumped right out, he began to jack off to some naked pictures of his sister he had secretly taken when his sister got out of the shower. She sometimes forgets to lock the bathroom door. Kyra was in her room and someone had snuck into Kyra's room as well. Another female, Kyra was a lesbian but neither her parents nor Brenden knew. Kyra began to heat things up with the other female.

Brenden was curious as he heard a few moans coming from Kyra's room, he creaked the door open, Kyra had forgotten to lock her door. Brenden's eyes popped wide open as he say another female sitting on top of Kyra both girls naked. Brenden's boner began getting harder than ever, he raced to fetch his polaraid. He took a few snapshots and grinned, blackmail on his sister, now he'll get all his desires. Brenden wait for the other female to creep back outside the window, when Kyra opened her door, she found Brenden grinning widely right in front of her. Kyra's mouth dropped wide open, "What the hell were you doing?!

He waved the few pictures he had taken in front of Kyra's face.

Alone and naked Sister home

Kyra tried to snatch at them but Brenden was faster, "Okay look I'll do whatever you want if you give me the pictures and if mom and dad don't find out that i'm a lesbian. Brenden ran into his parents' room and threw his clothes onto the floor and sat upon the bed waiting for Kyra. Kyra reluctantly came into the room naked, baked laid down Sistdr the bed beside Brenden. Brenden drooled at the sight nakev was right in his hlme, he couldn't Sisher his sister's shaved cunt was just inches away, he sat on top of Kyra. Kyra lay in disgust as she felt Brenden rub his little amateur hands over her body.

Kyra planned on not cumming, at least not on her own will, and especially not with Brenden. Brenden's greedy mouth landed on his sister's lips, she didn't kiss back but Brenden didn't care, he rammed his tongue down her throat. Then he kissed his way down Kyra's neck and reached her tits. He took the left nipple into his mouth and licked it, sucking gently at first then hard. He bit but not hard enough to make Kyra bleed. Kyra was in disgust, Brenden didn't care if Kyra did much, he just wanted her sexy, tanned body. I even caught a brief glimpse of Jessica's bush one day when she was rushing down the hall and her towel happened to fall.

She looked at me and smiled as she quickly pulled it back up. I still remember her dark mound of hair between her legs.

I tend her wnd on my smoking. Brenden ran into his old' american and gave his clothes onto the throne and sat upon the bed happy for Kyra.

It still gets me hard just thinking about it. I was in Sisted room listening to music Sidter I heard Jessica running a shower. Man if it's not one sister it's the other I thought to myself. A few minutes passed and I heard the water stop. Jessica peeked into my room. Hey Adam, she called. Oh, hey what's up Jessica, I said. Ah can I borrow a CD from you, she asked. Yeah sure help yourself I told her as I pointed to my CD's.

She gome in my room with a towel wrapped around her. I could homf the snd rising up just a little as she hunched over to them. Damn I thought, almost but not quite. It didn't quite rise up far enough to see anything. This is the one I want, she said. As she turned back towards me her towel got caught on something and literally was ripped off snd. I looked right at her naked body. Her perky little titties, and the dark patch of hair between her legs definitely got my attention. Jessica instantly tried picking up the towel, but it was stuck on something. She tugged a few times, but it didn't seem to budge. She looked back at me. What are you looking at, she said.

Ah, nothing I guess, just my naked sister trying to get her towel. Very funny, Jessica said. I just kept watching her tugging on the towel trying to free it. Well that's real great, she said. I was thinking yeah, this is great. Fuck it then, she yelled. She looked back at me and I was still starring at her. You got a starring problem mister, she said. Well, what do you expect, I replied. I'll give you something to stare at, she yelled.

Then she turned around so she was facing me. She Sistet her hands on her hips and just stood their buck naked right in front of me. I couldn't believe it. Well how's this you little pervert.

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